Training Programs

Customised Programs

We can prepare, manage and implement customised training and development programs which support the clients' business strategies and training objectives.

A'SAS Competencies

The following competencies can help individuals and teams achieve success and achieve sustainable success (A'SAS):
  • Thinking skills
  • Communication skills
  • Business and Entrepreneurial skills
  • Work and Functional skills
  • Emotional, Adversity and Spiritual Intelligences (EASI)
  • Industry-specific and Technical skills
Refer to the A'SAS Competencies blog for examples of knowledge and skills within those competencies. We can develop customised programs based on those competencies.

Generic Training Workshops

The following are examples of generic training topics:
  • Problem Solving  
  • Creative thinking
  • Decision Making
  • Manage Cross-Cultural Communication and Leverage Diversity
  • Practical Communication Skills for Young Professionals
  • Influencing, Negotiating and Conflict Management
  • Non-Verbal and Verbal Communication
  • Grooming and Professional Etiquette
  • Practical Business English
  • High Impact Presentation
  • The Art of Explanation
  • Business Networking 
  • Generating Business Ideas
  • Business and Management Strategies
  • Managing Customer Services and Sales
  • Understanding Business and Financials for Non-Accountant
  • Personal Financial and Investment Management
  • Practical Accounting Principles and Practices
  • Reach Global Market Through E-Commerce
  • Creative Accounting and Fraud
  • Understanding Annual Reports 
  • Empowered Individual, Effective Manager, Enlightened Leader
  • Enhanced Personal Professionalism and Effectiveness
  • Productivity Tools and Time Management
  • When You Report to Work
  • PowerUP Your Career 
  • Inspire and Empower Yourself to Achieve Sustainable Success