Our Services

ZIYANC has the team, experience and resources to prepare, manage and implement effective training and development programs. We customise the programs to meet specific strategies and needs of companies, agencies and organisations.

We focus on business skills, soft skills and industry specific skills - competencies which are required to achieve success and achieve sustainable success (A'SAS).

We Engage, Enlighten and Empower the participants of our programs using these strategies:
  • Apply the Adult Learning methodology 
  • Focus on “must-know” KASH = Knowledge (I know!), Attitude (I want!), Skills (I can!) and Habits (I do!) 
  • Adopt the RAISE strategies to encourage the knowledge and skills learned are retained, applied, impactful, shared and evolved 
  • Use a combination of learning activities, training games, techniques and tools to engage participants with varying learning styles 
  • Plan for 30% delivery by trainers and 70% actions by the participants 
  • Additional value via learners’ resources, online support, knowledge sharing blogs and extended services
Our Training and Development programs can help you:
  • maximise your strengths and potentials 
  • capitalise your opportunities 
  • minimise your weaknesses 
  • manage your threats and risks 
  • increase revenue, optimise costs 
Contact ZIYANC to exchange ideas how we can jointly empower your team members.